IT strategy for Small to Mid-sized Business

Let's have a 20 minute conversation

Your problems are unique to your business but often rooted in issues consistent with other companies.
In an introductory conversation, we can discuss these issues and what a roadmap to resolution would look like.
While getting to know more about your business and it's philosophies, we can be discussing pain points and growing pains related to the business and how technology could be helping.
• During our initial assessment, we'll identify items that need to be addressed for both the short and long term.
• What will Position the company for growth while maintaining productivity by bringing the correct technology to bear. 
• How can we significantly increases predictability.  (Less lost Monday’s fighting weekend fires.)
• How the company can better utilize business process engineering to facilitate efficiencies in other non-technical departments.
  • Where does it all start?  With what we determine offers the most value at the foundation level.
Let's decide what your IT staff should be good at (ala "Good to Great").    In addition to processes and technology solutions, our converstaion should include scalability, standardization and optimization (including process integration). 
IT will need to become proficient with the necessary skills, have superior processes, and execute them flawlessly.